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Designing, building and racing an Open 40 world-class racer

Today’s circumnavigating race boats are not production line models. They are designed for a specific race and for a specific skipper. Steve Pettingill, the first North American to break the European hold on the placing skippers, states that his second place finish in the 1994-95 race was due in large part to his in-depth knowledge of his yacht’s construction. Before you climb that 80-foot mast in a howling gale to make a repair, you need to know which screw driver to take up with you. To get that kind of knowledge, you build your own boat.

This leading edge 40 -foot open ocean racer is well on its way to completion. Professionally designed, professionally built the boat is now lying at Bowmanville, Ontario. It has been constructed using the latest in boat building technology.

Here, we present the story of Spirit of Canada -- which is also the story of a dedicated group of supporters led by a determined Canadian sailor. Follow this team as the boat is built, tested in sea trials and put through her paces in solo offshore races. Then join us as we follow our skipper on his race Around Alone!