The fastest way to break up a marriage in Nevada is for both spouses to file a joint divorce petition in Nevada. Another term for this is ‘uncontested divorce’ or ‘divorce with two signatures’. Can you get a quick divorce in Las Vegas?

If everything goes smoothly, a divorce in Nevada can be granted in just 10 days. (Although it may take longer depending on the court schedule.)

Meanwhile, disputed divorces can last for months and sometimes longer. The parties must ask themselves whether the assets they are fighting for are really worth the time and cost of fighting for them.

Definition of joint petitions in Nevada

When a couple agrees in every aspect of divorce, they can submit a joint application stating their conditions regarding:

  • division of the Nevada community property
  • division of liabilities and debts
  • child care in Nevada and visit to Nevada
  • child support in Nevada
  • caring for animals in Nevada
Can you get a quick divorce in Las Vegas?

Alimony in Nevada

Family court judges usually prefer uncontested and disputed divorces. They generally think that the spouses themselves are in a better position to make decisions about their money and property, and would prefer not to get involved in private marriage matters.

Joint petitions are commonplace in cases where the couple entered into a specific pre-marriage contract in Nevada, which concerned all of the above issues, and none of them contests. One of the advantages of having a good delivery is that it increases the chances that the couple will be able to divorce on the basis of a joint petition; it’s because all the conditions have already been agreed in prenup.

A quick divorce in Las Vegas

Indeed, we receive a signed Rapid Divorce Petition in Las Vegas within a few days of submitting the application. We also provide complaint-related services where the other party does not want to sign the documents or simply cannot be located.

Las Vegas Quick divorce

  • After both parties sign the documents: USD 270 plus application fees.
  • If only one page signs the documents: USD 390 plus application fees and services for the spouse.
  • 100% guaranteed service
  • The lowest total costs of all companies in Nevada
  • Documents delivered normally within 1 or 2 hours
  • A joint divorce signed by the court within 2-3 days
  • A + rating at the Better Business Bureau
  • Providing services in Nevada for 27 years
  • Full service – we make all requests, not just forms for processing
  • No parental COPE class for Las Vegas customers – save $ 80.
  • AVAILABLE PAYMENTS – Our trading company Pay Pal offers interest-free payments for 6 months
  • Available when 1 site lives or moves to Nevada for at least 6 weeks – OR – military personnel who has Nevada on their LES
  • No auditions for uncontested submissions – other companies may require auditions

Our Guarantee

In summary, we maintain the highest standard of integrity, competence and professionalism. As a result, this guarantees that the judge will sign a divorce or annul a joint petition within a few days of submitting the application, rather than weeks or months.

We have over two decades of experience in providing cancellation services. We guarantee that the judge will sign your case or refund the fee for entering Nevada Quick Divorce. Registration fees, third party fees are not refundable. To qualify, you must perform all the duties required of you (i.e., sign and certify documents, payment for delivery to your spouse in the event of a complaint).



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