We’ve talked about this before: stand alone plumbing is never a good idea, and the best solution to any plumbing problem is to hire a professional. Why plumbers are so expensive?

When the drain is blocked, the toilet moves back or the pipe bursts, it’s time to call the plumber – a connection that many people are afraid of. Of course, they need a solution to their problem – this is the bill they could not do without. According to HomeAdvisor, the average connection to a plumbing service is around $ 300, but depending on the severity of the problem and the time and tools needed to solve it, the cost can easily double or triple. What makes hydraulics so expensive?

Why is hydraulics expensive?

Honest plumbers offer competitive prices based on three variables: availability, materials and specialist knowledge.

Plumbers are always on

Service calls occur in the evenings or weekends when homeowners can meet a technician. Otherwise, they happen “as quickly as you can get here” because of an emergency. Although pricing for service calls per day, time of day, or urgency may seem unfair, such is the nature of supply and demand economics.

That being said, we offer flat rates at Haynes Plumbing Services. We think it is not your fault that your child flushed 16 hot wheels on Sunday morning. And because it doesn’t cost us more to solve the plumbing problem than on Thursday at 3am on Thursday than on Tuesday at 2pm, there is really no reason to charge you more.

Why plumbers are so expensive?

Plumbing requires parts

Unless you call us to simply unblock the drain, we need some “stuff” to fix the installation problem: pipes, fittings, equipment, devices (such as garbage disposal), putty, valves and so on. Parts and materials costs are included in the invoice.

Interesting fact: as a flat-rate store, we save our customers extra money because we don’t have to collect the parts we put into your home. If we were to operate solely on temporary and material materials, state law would require an additional sales tax from us.

Plumbing requires experience and specialist knowledge

Hydraulics require precise technical knowledge. We can reduce expenses (and therefore costs for you) by employing less qualified team members, but it’s just not our model. We employ rather the most qualified technicians – plumbers, who will treat your home as their own and do their best work every time. These guys have gone through hundreds of hours of training and licensing exams to make sure that they know the safest way, for example, venting a water heater without compromising family safety. (This happens with unlicensed handymen. All the time.)



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