The Warsaw Stock Exchange is a market where you can invest in selected securities – securities, mainly shares issued by listed public companies. However, investors cannot buy and sell shares on their own. The broker must be a broker. Who is a broker dealer?

What does the broker do?

Most countries state by their legal requirements that brokers must obtain permission to engage in professional activities and include their activities under the supervision of the appropriate authority. However, regardless of the level of service provided, brokers must always put their clients’ interests before their own.

A broker is a person who deals with specific activities for the benefit of the client. This slogan covers not only individual natural persons, but also legal entities or organizations. Most often this term is used when talking about stock market investments. When deciding to invest in stock market assets, we most often use their services through a brokerage house.

There are several roles that brokers perform and in this respect they can be divided into:

  • front office brokers – dealing with customer service – individual and institutional,
  • back office brokers, i.e. supervising brokers.

The front office broker deals with the provision of services for the acceptance and transmission of orders from individual and institutional clients. In the case of individual customer service, the broker may also provide investment consultancy services.

In turn, the supervising broker does not serve the clients of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, but only controls the correctness of orders executed. He should deal with the verification and care of front office brokers.

Who is a broker dealer?

Specificity of the broker’s work

In his work, the broker must quickly complete the orders of his clients. Open, confident, successful and communicative people are the fastest found in this job, especially in the operational departments of brokerage houses, where they can actually demonstrate their skills. A broker can also be a person with high mathematical skills who will work in the analytical department. A broker must be a person resistant to stress, because he works in conditions where it is not difficult to find various stressors. He should always keep the proverbial cold end and carry out his tasks guided by objective premises.

Work in this profession is associated with constant, dynamic successive changes, and the broker’s task is to adapt to them and anticipate them at least to a small extent. What counts in this work is a good knowledge of macroeconomics, mechanisms governing the operation of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, as well as personality traits such as perceptiveness and negotiation skills. Brokers work on a regular basis and are accounted for by the number of transactions carried out and their result.



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