Studying via the Internet is becoming more and more popular. It is not surprising – of all the opportunities offered by higher education, neither bachelor’s or master’s studies (even part-time) do not give such freedom. Paradoxically, online studies require much more discipline than full-time studies. Are online degrees worthless?

What does the employer say?

Due to the popularity of online learning, there is a noticeable change in the number of people who recognize the degrees achieved in online learning. There is no longer a stigma associated with continuing education through a computer.

Despite this, students may still think that today’s employers recognize that an online diploma is not as good as its equivalent on campus.

How do HR departments really approach this?

Most leaders believe that an online diploma in a “known” institution has the same value as a campus graduation diploma. However, if you are unfamiliar with the school or the institution is not known to prepare graduates of their programs as directed, your diploma may not be seen as having the same value. Employers more often believe that the institution’s brand and reputation is the main driver for the value of references, regardless of whether it was earned online.

Given that most HR professionals are more interested in where you earned your diploma than how you earned it, graduates of online universities at recognized universities have a good chance of success.

Are online degrees worthless?

Customers of HR companies often pay attention to the accreditation of a given university’s program, if the university does not have it, they often reject the candidate and the recruitment process goes on.

Recruiters say that if the job applicant had an online degree, the potential employer would probably ask about the predisposition of the candidate for teamwork because of the lack of interaction with other students that he would certainly have gained on campus. An often overlooked fact is that the degrees of online degree programs are exactly the same as those of full-time students. Unless you provide information about online studies in your CV and during the interview, your future employer will not know about it.

What do employers appreciate?

What employers often look for when assessing your qualifications is the institution’s reputation. Employers may be suspicious of the diploma of one of these large universities that want to release as many graduates as possible, but if the university has a good reputation, there should be no major difficulties. To ensure that potential employers take your diploma seriously, examine the school’s relationship with the local business community. Also, orient yourself in the opinions and accreditation of the university, and your academic degree obtained online will have exactly the same value as the one obtained at the university.



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